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You will find couple of things in existence that may be as exhilarating as camping outside because the good thing about nature is difficult to exceed or perhaps match. There's lots of pleasure to become felt when the first is in the middle of pristine beauty and encircled by dear and snakes along with other wild creatures. Obviously, to obtain the most from your camping excursions requires that you're an outdoor person and never someone who prefers an elegance parlor to roughing it outside spaces. For more information on the best trail running shoes for men, visit our website today!
Research Well
The easiest method to enjoy your time and effort outside would be to follow some simple tent camping tips including, to begin with, doing a bit of research regarding appropriate camping spots. You can go for a place that isn't too much far from home and additionally you must also element in the temperature and weather conditions before making a decision. Also, its smart to remain obvious of places lived on by harmful wild existence.
The 2nd most significant tent camping tip that you ought to follow is to maintain your camping journeys (a minimum of the very first couple of ones) short for example taking a weekend trip and also to not venture too much at home. Next, you need to avoid getting to visit marathon distances to achieve your camping place contributing to a 2 mile hike is good distance.
The 3rd most significant tent camping tip that you'll want to follow along with will be unbiased regarding your camping trip and to be ready to create adjustments on the way with respect to the situation and conditions. Next, make sure to consume a simple tent camping tip which is you should travel light and never pack greater than essential products. It's suggested to consider along items like bathing suit, warm clothes in addition to awesome outfits and walking footwear that suit your ft very easily.
Finally, you have to consume a simple tent camping tip which would be to pack products which will make sure that you stay comfortable in addition to safe. A pleasant sleeping bag which will help you stay warm is suggested to possess along in addition to a portable pad which to place sleeping bag. Additionally, you ought to have along lots of clean consuming water, a flash light that actually works toothbrush in addition to products for private hygiene as too bug sprays and lots of food.
Winter camping is another pastime and thus you should consume a different algorithm. Simple winter camping tips include getting proper winter supplies, as well as all individuals other products which will make sure that you enjoy safe, comfortable in addition to enjoyable winter camping. Want to know more on where to get best gps watch for hiking? Visit our website for more information.
You will find couple of things in existence which are as enjoyable as lounging inside your tent outside and hearing the sounds of crickets along with other type of wildlife. Certainly, tent camping is one thing that everybody need. Following simple tent camping tips for example individuals pointed out above can help make existence outside more fun and fun.

Mobile games are cool and one of people’s favorite way to while away free time. What’s even cooler is being able to play games that are not supported on mobile device. With a few simple steps, you will be able to do so. People tired of playing subway surfers and temple run, let’s upgrade.
After you get the cool GBA emulator you can say goodbye to all the old games and say hello to a new range of games. Software like this is making life of gamers really awesome. We will look at some cool ways to integrate games from other devices on the mobile phone but essentially we are talking about Gameboy games here. It is a complete multi platform emulator that will allow us to run all the video games on most Nintendo handheld consoles, directly on our computer. It emulates the original GameBoy, GameBoy Color and even the Gameboy Advance, one of the best portable consoles in history.
history gamesWhat Do You Need to Make the Magic Happen?
So you’ve seen someone to play some cool games on the phone that you have never seen and now you are wondering how you can get your hands on those games. Well, here are the top steps to get an emulator.
First of all, you need a fast android phone with enough memory to download and run the game you want to play. So, you might want to delete those HD movies eating up your phone memory. The upcoming thing would be to backup all your photos and remove them from the memory of the phone. If you don’t want to get rid of your movies or photos, then get a memory card with a lot of memory.
What Do You Need to Do Next?
Secondly, in the play store look for an emulator that is compatible with your cell phone. Type in the keywords and you should find a list of software to choose from. Then go to download the software and voila run the program. On the interface of the program you have to search for any ROM files to run. If you don’t already have any ROM files, you have to get one.
The Last Step
Thirdly, after you finish installing, open your web browser and go to coolrom.com. Scroll down the website to find a drop down option call “ROM files.” From the drop down menu choose Gameboy Advance. You will see a list of games, download your favorite game from the list.
Your downloaded game can be seen in the download section of your emulator. Look through the list of ROMs, you’ll surely find the game that you are looking for. Choose the game you want to run and open it. Hurray! Your game is ready to be played.
You can play with a vertical screen on your phone or a horizontal screen. If you play with a vertical screen, your game will appear in the top of half of the screen and the controls will appear in the bottom half of the screen. If you are playing with a horizontal screen mode your controls will be on the left and right side of the screen just like on the Gameboy handheld console.

Super Nintendo [SNES] or Super Famicom is one of the most famous 16-bit home gaming consoles, and the game titles such as Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda gave a tough fight to even the Sega 32-bit consoles. You can now enjoy your favorite SNES games on your Mac OS X device [MacBook Air , iMac] by using the SNES emulators . So here we list the Best SNES Emulator for Mac .
Top 3 Free SNES Emulators for Mac OS X – 
SNES Emulator # 1 -BSNES
BSNES Emulator for Mac OS X
BSNES Emulator for Mac OS X
BSNES comes from Bannister which makes a lot of retro console emulators.
BSNES is very light-weight and runs even on newer Mac OS X systems such as El Capitan, Sierra, Yosemite too.
It runs SNES games with color output and audio emulation too
BSNES can even run SNES games with Joystick or gamepad controller support by using Emulator Enhancer plugin.
Click here to Download BSNES Emulator for Mac OS X
Click here to Download BSNES Emulator enhancer plugin for Mac [Joystick / Gamepad Support]
SNES Emulator # 2 – Open Emu
SNES Famicom Super Nintendo for Mac OS X
SNES Famicom Super Nintendo for Mac OS X
Open Emu is an all in one retro console gaming emulator which has emulation support for all retro game consoles i.e NES, GBA, SNES .
Open Emu can emulate all major Nintendo and SEGA Gaming consoles , in addition to unique features such as –
  • Open GL Video Support
  • External Gamepad or Joystick Support.
  • Video filtering for Anti-distortion and scaled output.
SNES Emulator # 3 – Snes9X
Snes 9X is the original SNES Emulation repository for Mac OS X, even Open Emu uses the core developed by Snes 9x for emulating Super Nintendo console.
Despite this we kept Snes 9x at the third position due to the fact because it failed to emulate the Video screen of Zelda on our El Capitan, however the older versions of Snes have Power PC support which makes them usable even on Older versions of Mac OS x.
So, these are the Best SNES Emulators for Mac OS X which will let you play your favorite SNES games on Mac OS X, Please note that these emulators do not come with any game ROMs which need to be downloaded from separate sites such as Romhustler.net, to play the SNES games on your Mac OS X Device

Mac OS X by default doesn’t natively support playback of .avi, .mkv , .dat , .mov file formats. But these formats are widely used across the internet for video clips,movies etc. So, here are 3 Different ways to play & watch .mkv , .avi , .flv , .mov , .webm files on Mac OS X.
Way # 1 – Using External Video Players
Although, the default media & video player for Mac OS X – Quicktime 10 doesn’t support playback of .mkv , .avi format. External Media players like VLC, UMPlayer, 5kPlayer do support it. These external media player are sometimes free or they may be even paid, we came across a good article which covers the free video players available to watch .webm, .avi videos –
Click here to view 3 Free Video Players to view avi, mkv files on Mac OS X.
Perian for Mac OS X
Perian for Mac OS X
Way # 2 – Using Perian for Quicktime on Mac OS X
This method is probably the best method to watch .mkv, .avi & .mov .dat video files on Mac OS X as these files would be played within Quicktime itself!. Perian is a codec tool for Mac OS X which installs the codecs for non-supported file formats so that they can be played within Quicktime itself. Besides these Perian can even load Subtitles as well.
Unfortunately, Perian works only on Mac OS X versions earlier than Yosemite as its not compatible with Quicktime 10. The earlier versions were shipped with Quicktime 7 with which Perian works flawlessly. You can even try installing QuickTime 7 Pro on newer Mac OS X such as Mavericks, Yosemite , El Capitan to get perian working.
Configuration – Perian doesn’t require any configuration, once you install the perian .dmg it will automatically start playing your .mkv, .avi files inside the QuickTime Player. You can even use the image alongside for instructions to activate Perian under “System Preferences” if it didn’t activate.
Way # 3 – Converting the Files & then Playing them
This option is the least recommended one as it takes some time to Convert Videos, and you may want to view the videos urgently. Also long videos may take some time to convert, while nevertheless converting is a good enough option after the VLC & external media player one as long as you’re a Quicktime player fan. Apple Quicktime can play formats like .mp4 formats so you can use video converters to convert the files into mp4 format to play them in default Quicktime Player. We have compiled a list of top Video converters for Mac OS X which are free as well and will surely get the job done.
Click here to view Top Free Video Converters for Mac OS X.
Thus, these are the ways by which you can view .avi , .mkv , .flv videos on Mac OS X. If you are using any other workaround we will be happy to know how you get it done.

Tor Websites or .onion links as they are known cannot be directly accessed over the normal internet connection. Your Internet connection needs to connect to a tor network to open a .onion website. But many times Internet Service Providers or ISPs block access to tor network or a user may want to access .onion website without connecting to the tor network (tor bundle). In such cases Tor Proxies come handy – Tor Proxy sites let you access .onion website or links without requiring you to connect to Tor network or install Tor on your device. Thus, you are completely anonymous and thus they let you access .onion links directly over a normal internet browser . So here are the Top 5 Free Tor Proxies which let you access .onion websites without Tor
Tor Proxy # 1 – *.onion.to
*.onion.to is your hidden services gateway to access Tor Sites. To use the .onion.to tor proxy all you need to do is append .to to the onion website link to open it via .to proxy.
For example : If your .onion link is dirnxxdraygbifgc.onion ; to access it via .to tor proxy simply enter dirnxxdraygbifgc.onion.to in any normal web browser (as shown in the image below)
Your .onion website of tor network will open directly on a normal non-tor connected network.

Tor2Web .to Proxy
Appending .to to *.onion link making it *.onion.to ; similarly you can do it for .nu ; .cab

Tor Proxy # 2 – Onion.nu
Onion.nu too is a tor proxy service just like *.onion.to . To access any .onion link via .onion.nu you can simply visit the site http://onion.to and look and access your favorite .onion sites or simply append .nu to the .onion as shown below –
For example : If your .onion link is dirnxxdraygbifgc.onion ; to access it via .nu tor proxy simply enter dirnxxdraygbifgc.onion.nu in any normal web browser.

Tor Proxy # 3 – Onion.cab
You can directly visit the site http://onion.cab on your normal web browser to start browsing & searching inside the .onion tor network.
Or as shown in the previous example you can simply append .cab to any *.onion link to access the website – example – dirnxxdraygbifgc.onion can be accessed by dirnxxdraygbifgc.onion.cab

Tor Proxy # 4 – HiddenService.Net
HiddenService is yet another Tor2Web alternative proxy site which lets you access or open any tor or .i2p private website directly in your browser. HiddenService.Net works smoothly for PC as well as mobile.
You can simply visit the website http://hiddenservice.net , and enter your onion or i2p link to start browsing the tor network or you can modify the url as shown in example below to access the onion site –
example – dirnxxdraygbifgc.onion can be accessed or opened by dirnxxdraygbifgc.hiddenservice.net
Note – ( The .onion from the link was removed while adding .hiddenservice.net to the Onion URL , thus the final accessible url doesn’t require .onion inside it ; if accessing via hiddenservice.net .. However for other proxies it is required)

Tor Proxy # 5 – Tor2Web.Org
Tor2Web.org is similar website to .onion.to , however the service is very unstable on .tor2web.org sub-domain. However, if any of the .to , .nu , .cab domains fail – You can still access the tor network on any device via the tor2web.org tor proxy.
So, these are some of the alternatives to Tor2Web or tor2web proxies which you can use to access .onion sites without Tor

Playing the game of Cricket is a challenge due to its various different aspects – Batting, Bowling, Fielding , and the uncertainity of the game makes it even more challenging. Now, you can experience these challenges while playing the game on your mobile too!. Here we bring you the The 7 Best Cricket Games for Android which will make a good challenge!
7 Best Free Cricket Games for Android –
Game # 1 – Real Cricket 16
Real Cricket 16 Android
Real Cricket 16 Android
This is perhaps the Most feature rich cricket game from all the games we have played. It includes loads of teams and modes – T20, ODI, Test Match and provides various options such as –
  • Ability to change batting Order.
  • Decide the shots to be played.
In the initial stages, the game is really hard as you will struggle to time the bowl, but eventually, you will get the trick. Batting is difficult in this game as compared to Bowling.

Game # 2 – World Cricket Championship 2
World Cricket Championship 2 Game Android
World Cricket Championship 2 Game Android
Unlike Real Cricket 16 which is primarily a 2D based game, World Cricket Championship is 3D and brings in a totally new experience.
The game has a lot of options such as Timing meter, new shots. Some of the unique features of the game we found are –
  • Unique shots such as Dilscoops. and reverse 360 ABD.
  • Manual Field placements.
  • Hindi and English Commentary too!

Game # 3 – Stick Cricket!
Stick Cricket for Android
Stick Cricket for Android
Stick Cricket has created its separate fan following when it comes to Cricket games. The mantra is pretty simple – See the ball, Hit the ball but its not easy as it sounds!
Stick Cricket is perhaps the easiest to play and hard to master Cricket game. The unique set of challenges and the great animation, and its snappy gameplay make it a great cricket game for any Android mobile smartphone or tablet.

Game # 4 – Power Cricket T20 Cup 2017
Power Cricket T20 Cup 2017
Power Cricket T20 Cup 2017
Unlike the top two games mentioned above, Power Cricket T20 is no-nonsense easy to play quick Cricket game. So, when you aren’t looking to get into nitty details and just want to hit out for quick time, Power Cricket is the game to play.
Power Cricket has a simple control – Straight, off or Legside without the 360 shots of previous too.
The Bowling control too is simple, Overall the game is good enough to throw in a few surprises to keep you playing especially LBW!

Game # 5 – World Cricket Championship Lite
Coming from the same company that produced the 3 D World Championship game, this is the non-3D old 2 D version of the same.
Unlike the new version which required over 1 GB of RAM, this game works on lower end devices also.
To be frank, We found the color scheme and the game engine of the Old game a bit more cool than the new one which is laggy at times, combined that with a Free-hit & third umpire support. World Cricket Championship Lite too is a good game which is neither too big nor too short like Power Cricket.

Game # 6 – ICC Pro Cricket 2015
ICC Pro Cricket 2015
ICC Pro Cricket 2015
Hadn’t been the amount of Ads this game comes with, it would have surely been placed up in the list, but the ads make it difficult to play the game while online.
Not to take away, the game has some really unique features such as Player Training & Career, Swinging the ball mid-air. and multiple shots for the same ball type based on the gesture which is surely cooler.
The above unique features and the promise make it a good experience to try for cricket lovers.

Game # 7 – Big Bash 2016 
Big Bash 2016 Cricket Game Android
Big Bash 2016 Cricket Game Android
The Big Bash 2016 game developed by Big Ant is an example of great gameplay promise ruined due to absent of minor features.
The unique swipe to hit, shots and stump animations make it really visually appealing and gives a good gameplay, but the absense of sounds after hitting boundaries or commentary takes away the charm.
Hopefully, the developers continue with this engine, and we have a unique Cricket game in our hands, until then you can try Big Bash 2016 from the link below –
So, these are the best free cricket games for 2017 for android phones and tablets, the games will work smoothly on Any Android versions – KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and even Nougat too! . If you know of any other good cricket game, feel free to comment below, we will be happy to add it to our list.

Many times, we accidentally delete our photos from our Android phone, and later we need them, or the images are accidentally deleted by some cleaning software or kids. But not to worry, the deleted photos & pictures from your Android Internal storage as well as SD card are fully recoverable. In this tutorial, we will cover How to recover deleted photos & images from your Android mobile without requiring PC & no root required.
How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android with NO Root & No PC
  • First of all Download & install the Disk Digger Photo Recovery Free app on your Android phone –
    Click to Download Disk Digger Photo Recovery app from Google Play Store.
  • Now, after you have installed the app, launch the app. You will be shown a pre-scan screen as shown in the image below –
    Disk Digger Photo Scan
    Disk Digger Photo Scan
    Here tap on the “Start Basic Photo Scan” option.
  • It will now start scanning your Android phone for deleted photos & images and will show them in a grid layout as shown below – (Please note that this is the most important step and takes the maximum time)
    Disk Scan Results to resotre photos
    Disk Scan Results to restore photos
    You can now select the thumbnails of the photos you want to restore. Or you can even “Filter results using the gear icon” to show results of a particular time (time of creation of photo you want to restore/recover)
  • Now, select the photos you want to restore or recover & tap on the “Recover button”as shown –
    Disk Digger Image Recovery Android
    Disk Digger Image Recovery Android
    After tapping on the “recover button” after selecting the options, it will ask you for the location where to recover or restore deleted photos on your Android phone as shown in the image below –
    Select the appropriate Recovery option
    Select the appropriate Recovery option

  • Here choose the recovery option, how you would like to restore photos –  1. Mail, 2. Local storage, or 3. FTP Server. We recommend using the mail option.
  • That’s it!, You have now successfully recovered your deleted photos on your Android without PC or Root. Please do note that the recovery images may be sometimes blurry, in such cases we need to use PC Softwares for recovering deleted photos from android.
In case if you face any problems or any issues feel to comment.

Youtube is one of the world’s best video streaming sites across the Globe, but the unskippable ads played before the videos and during video playback hamper the Video experience largely. Not only those ads are unskippable but they also ruin your Music / Video you’re watching. Here’s a simple tutorial which will guide you on How to Block all ads in Youtube app on Android skippable as well as non-skippable without Root!
Tutorial to Block All Youtube App Ads in Android Phones & Tablets (Without Root) 
We will divide our tutorial into 3 Parts –
  1. Installing DNS 66 App. (One-Time Process)
  2. Configuring DNS 66 App. (One-Time Process)
  3. Using DNS 66 with Youtube (As per your convenience, when you want to block ads, can be used multiple times)

1. Installing DNS 66 App –
In this Step, we will install the DNS 66 App . To do it your phone must allow “Installation from Unknown Sources”.  To allow if it isn’t available – navigate to “Settings – > Security – > Installation from unknown Sources”  and toggle it “ON” as shown in the Screenshot below –
Enable Installation from Unknown Sources
Enable Installation from Unknown Sources

2. Configuring the DNS 66 App –
The DNS 66 App, doesn’t block ads by default to do so , Once you launch the app on the main screen “Turn Off” the iPv6 toggle as shown below –
  • First Screen of DNS 66
    First Screen of DNS 66
    Now “Toggle On” watch Connection and Navigate to the “Hosts” Tab besides the “Start” tab –
  • In the “Hosts” tab – “Turn On” Filter Hosts and “hp Hosts Ad & Tracking Servers” as shown in the screenshot below .
    Turn On hp Hosts Ad & Tracking Server
    Turn On hp Hosts Ad & Tracking Server
    Once you turn on hp Hosts ad servers , it will show a shield as opposed to blank shield. The enabled shield indicates that the Ads servers will be blocked as shown below –
    Ad Blocking Active
    Ad Blocking Active

  • Now, In the DNS 66 App, tap on the “Start” button as indicated –
    Block Youtube Ads in Android
    Block Youtube Ads in Android
    Now, it may ask you for VPN Connection request as shown below , Its a one-time request allow it by clicking on “Ok” as shown below –
    Youtube VPN Adblock Android
    Youtube VPN Adblock Android
    That’s it! Your Adblock will be Active.
3. Using Youtube App with DNS 66
  • Now, Simply launch the Youtube App, and start watching videos! . Voila all your videos will be shown without ads as shown below –
    Youtube without Ads on Android
    Youtube without Ads on Android
    Simply , Click on the “Stop” button in DNS 66 App if you think you want to watch ads.
  • Since, the DNS 66 is set-up. From next time onwards, you just need to use the “Start / Stop” button inside DNS 66 to “Start/Stop” ads in the Youtube App.
  • Please ensure you start dns66 service before opening the Youtube app in order to enjoy an ad-free Youtube experience.
  • We have tested the App on Android Lollipop, Marshmallow, and even Nougat and Oreo too . Incase, if you face any queries feel free to comment!

Voot is the Streaming platform powered by Colors Media (Colors TV). It hosts various popular programs such as Big Boss which can be watched Online on Voot. However, if you need to download your favorite TV serial from Colors there are very few methods. In this tutorial, we will cover How to Download Colors TV Videos or Download Voot Videos on Android using Voot Downloader.
Tutorial to Download Voot Videos on Android using Videoder : Voot Downloader
  • In order to download Videos from voot we will be using a 3rd party app-  Videoder. Videoder lets you download the videos of any site you visit, in our case it will be voot.com
  • Since, Videoder is not available on the Google Play Store we need to download its apk file to use it.
  • Click here to Download Videoder App Apk for Android .
    Following is the procedure to install Videoder –
  • Installation of external apps apk is not available by default on most Android devices ,thus we need to enable “Installation from Unknown Sources” first before installing videoder.
  • To enable the feature, please navigate to “Settings – > Security – > Installation from unknown Sources”  and toggle it “ON” as shown in the Screenshot below –
    Enable Installation from Unknown Sources
    Enable Installation from Unknown Sources
    Now, once you have enabled the installation from unknown sources option. Navigate to the “Downloads” folder and tap on the Videoder apk file.
  • It will now prompt you with a window asking you permissions to install the App as shown in the image below –
    Videoder asking for Permissions
    Videoder asking for Permissions
    Here tap on the “Install” option as shown above.
  • Videoder app will now be installed on your device. Once it is successfully installed, it will show a success confirmation screen as shown in the image below –
    Videoder installation Success Screen
    Videoder installation Success Screen
  • Now open Voot website by entering voot.com inside the Videoder app.
  • Inside, the website now navigate to the video or episode you want to download and let it start playing. We will be using the Big Boss episode example to download. As shown below, open the video and let it start playing
    Big Boss Episode Download from Voot Android
    Big Boss Episode Download from Voot Android
    Now, once it starts playing. Tap on the “Red Download Icon” at bottom right corner of your screen as shown in the above image.
  • Once you have tap on the red download icon, it will now start generating downloading links for the video or episode you requested as shown below. Please wait until the links are generated.
    Voot Download Links Generation in Android
    Voot Download Links Generation in Android
    Once the links are generated, it will show you various file sizes as well as quality of the videos you can download as shown in the following screenshot –
    Video Download Links for Voot Android
    Video Download Links for Voot Android
  • Here, simply tap on the quality of video you want to download, and voila it will now be automatically downloaded on your phone or tablet and can be watched even offline.
  • Click here to Download Voot Downloader App Apk for Android .
  • That’s it! you have now successfully downloaded your favourite colors, mtv favorite shows for free on your android without rooting. This method works on all android versions such as Kitkat, lollipop, marshmallow, nougat and even Android Oreo.
  • Incase if you face any queries feel free to let us know in the comment section.

When we have children and teenagers who own a smartphone and have access to sites, then you have to monitor their activity because there are too many incidents happening because of the Internet. Teenagers and Children are prone to these online threats.
An Android system is all about the advanced level operating system, which can do pretty much anything as the Windows OS does, so why not have a monitoring app installed on your Teenager or Children smartphone?
Hoverwatch Review
Hoverwatch is an Android & iOS applications which monitor your children’s activity and let you know every activity via Windows or Mac program. This is a premium service, so do not worry about the support and features because it will be top notch.
What we are going to do is to show you how to install and make it functional. Also, you will realize how it works.
Installation & Setup
Nothing is challenging here, and anyone who is following this guide will be able to do it. There is a trial version available, and you can test to confirm your subscription.
1 – Go to the official website
2 – Sign up for an account (It’s super easy.)
3 – In the sign-up, you need to provide details like you’re an active Email, Password, and then click on “Submit.”
4 – You can either sign up for your PC or Mobile, but you have to download one Application and PC program.
5 – You are redirected to the main page of Hoverwatch, and we have highlighted a Windows or Mac program, you have to download it.
Both Windows and Mac version is available – If you are Linux, and then there are programs which will allow you to install Windows-based programs on Linux.
6 – Launch your smartphone browser and visit the Hoverwatch site.
7 – Use the same credentials and download the iPhone or Android app.
Install on Android or IOS Device
8 – Install the Android or iPhone app on your smartphone.
In Android, you have to tick on “Unknown Sources,” to do that, go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources. Once the installation is done, untick the unknown sources.
9 – Tap on the downloaded file; now tap on “Install.”
10 – Sync service will begin and wait until the installation is finished.
11 – Hoverwatch will ask you, whom you want to monitor the smartphone.
12 – Read the terms and conditions then “Accept.”
13 – Now login to your account using the same credentials.
14 – A PIN will be generated; you have to type it.
15 – There you have Hoverwatch trial-version activated on your children or teenagers smartphone.
Install on Windows or Mac
16 – Install the Windows or Mac program, the options will remain the same as a smartphone.
17 – Download and Install Winrar to extract the file. There is a password that protects the file, Password – overwatch.
18 – As you have done on the smartphone, you have select this time as well. On whose device are you using this and then click on “Next.”
19 – Read the terms and conditions, then click on “Next.”
20 – Enter your Username and Password, you have created earlier on.
21 – You have successfully logged in, you can begin testing the trial-version.
trial version
Note: Remember, the Windows or Mac program you’ve downloaded earlier, you have to Install it and use the same login credentials to access all details on the phone.
A lot of you don’t know what the Hoverwatch can monitor and what it cannot.
  1. Record calls and SMS – You can read all sent to received SMS and calls.
  2. Whatsapp, Viber, and Snapchat – You can read all sent and received texts.
  3. Internet Browser – The history of the browser will be saved, but it only applies to the inbuilt browser.
  4. Location – One of the best features is it tracks the location of the phone.
  5. SIM Change – In case, anyone changes the SIM, you’ll be notified about it.
  6. To Do List – Not everyone uses the TODO list, but it also tracks it.
  7. Contacts – It does not matter if the new contact is added or existing ones, you will have it.
The services are monthly or yearly based subscription, which ensures both reliability and also real-time updates too keep everything up-to-date, let us know what do you think about it in the comment section.

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