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15 Best Ad Blockers For Android – Download Best Ad Blockers Apps

Best Ad Blockers For Android

Are you bored unnecessary ads on your android phone? If you want to block all unnecessary ads then this Best Ad Blockers For Android list help you choose.best ad blocker for android

Most people find pop-ups and video advertisements very annoying when they are browsing a website or using an app. More and more companies are using this type of advertising because it is a very inexpensive way to get their name out there. These ads can appear even if you are doing something simple on your Smartphone such as sending a text or using the calculator.
If you are using an Android phone and you want there as to stop, you should use the best ad blocker for Android. Below is a list of the top ad blockers available. If you find an ad blocker that you are hoping to try, you should understand that most of them are not available on the Google Play Store.
If Android were to put any of these ad blockers in the Play Store, they would be violating section 4.4 of the Google Developer Distribution Agreement Fortunately, each ad blocker has an official link that will allow you to install it on your Smartphone. When you install the ad blockers using the official link, you and the company are not violating any privacy or distribution laws.

Our Recommended Best Ad Blockers For Android ( Download Link)

We tested many android ad blocker. After using all add blocker I list this best android ad blocker. You can use these 15 ad blockers without any problem.

#1 AdAway (For Rooted Phones)

This is a popular ad blocker that lets you surf the net and use most of your apps without dealing with annoying advertisements. If you are using an app and it requests an ad, the request would be automatically redirected to a local host. When you use this ad blocker, you can select your own host file. Also, you would be able to add apps and websites to a blacklist or a whitelist. If you don’t have any preferences, the ads will be redirected automatically.

#2 Adblock Plus & Browser (For Non-Rooted Phones)

This ad blocker is similar to AdAway, but it offers more protection. It is a complete, system-wide ad blocker. This means that it can block any type of advertisements, such as banners, pop-ups, and ads. This ad blocker will also track any malware based ads, which can be very harmful to your Android phone. This means that your phone would be protected against any type of harmful ad. Adblock Plus & Browser provides two options. You can choose either a browser-based blocker, which would only help when you are surfing the web on your Smartphone. You can also choose a system-wide blocker, which will protect your phone no matter what you are doing on it. Unfortunately, this ad blocker isn’t perfect. It might not block certain non-intrusive ads.

#3 Adguard

Adguard is one of the most powerful and effective ad blockers designed for Android phones. This ad blocker contains an effective filtration system that would protect your phone from ads. It also protects you from online tracking and phishing websites that can be harmful to your phone. Many people choose this particular ad blocker because it can cut back on the web page loading time. It will also save your phone’s bandwidth and it can protect your Smartphone from any harmful threats. You can use this ad blocker for free to protect you when you are surfing the web, however, if you want protection when you are using your apps, you would need to use the paid version.

#4 Block This

Block This is a very versatile ad blocker. It is a free ad blocker and it can be used on all Android Smartphones and tablets. It is a DNS based blocker, which means that it can block any type of advertisement whether you are surfing the web or if you are using an app. This blocker will work regardless of how the ad is being used, whether it is an audio ad, an image ad, or a video ad. This ad blocker has the capability of blocking virtually everything. This ad blocker is also VPN based, which means that it will protect your privacy and everything that you have on your phone. This blocker can give you access to inaccessible web pages and it can bypass Internet Censorship. You do not need a rooted phone to use this particular ad blocker.

#5 AdClear By Seven

This is a very reliable best ad blockers for android and it is very popular with YouTube users. It can block all types of annoying ads on YourTube and all other websites and apps. Whether it is an intrusive ad or an encrypted add, your phone would be protected. This ad blocker is 100 percent free and it is available on non-rooted phones. The only downside of this ad blocker is that the company might share your information with their partners.

#6 DNS66 – Best Ad Blockers for Android

If you aren’t very tech savvy, this might not be the best ad blocker for you. It is, however, very popular with users with a good deal of tech knowledge. The name of the ad blocker lets you know that it uses a DNS to block advertisements and the hostnames. You also have the opportunity to add certain other DNS servers to give you more privacy. This ad blocker is designed to create a VPN interface. This would result in all of the traffic being redirected to the DNS server. At the end of the day, this is the most effective method of ad blocking. This ad blocker will also give you the option of allowing, ignoring, or denying any queries.

#7 Disconnect Pro For Android

If you are looking for an ad blocker that will let you control your privacy completely while blocking ads, you should try Disconnect Pro For Android. This is a system-wide app that will block all ads on your device, whether you are surfing the web or using an app. If you find that your Internet bandwidth is poor if your battery dies sooner than it should, this app with repair these issues. This app provides complete protection, therefore, it is pretty expensive. To use this app, you would need to pay $40. Also, many of the app’s features are designed for Samsung phones. If you have any other brand, you might not be able to take advantage of all the features.

#8 Cygery Adskip For YouTube

If you are an avid YouTube user, you should consider installing this app. If you are a frequent YouTube user, you know that you need to watch the ads for a certain period of time before you can watch the actual video. After a few seconds, the “skip ad” option will appear. This app will automatically tap the “skip ad” button for you. You will still need to watch the first few seconds of ads, however, the software will skip the ad without any action from you. If you want to detect ads, you would need to enable the accessibility service. This is one of the only downsides of this app.

#9 NetGuard

This is a best android ad blocker because it is very simple to use. Also, it uses some of the most advanced techniques to block ads on all web addresses as well as in your apps. You can also customize this app by adding any individual app or web address to deny or allow its access. You can use this ad blocker with a Wi-Fi connection or on your cellular data connection. When you are able to block your internet access, it can increase your privacy as well as reduce your data usage. Also, your phone doesn’t need to be rooted to make this app work.

#10 AdBlock Browser For Android

If you are looking for an ad blocker when you are surfing the web, this is a great app. It is powered by AdBlock Plus, which is one of the most reliable android ad blocker. When you download this app on your phone, it will allow you to surf the web quickly and safely, without ever seeing another annoying ad. It will also protect your device from harmful malware. The only downside of this app is that there will be times that your keyboard won’t pop up.

#11 Free AdBlock Browser By Rocketshield, Inc.

If you surf the web often on your phone, this is the ad blocker for you. If banner ads and video ads ruin your surfing experience, this ad blocker will keep all of that from happening. This is a powerful ad blocker, therefore, it can block any type of popup out there. When the ads are blocked, it will save a significant amount of your device’s bandwidth. The one downside to this app is that some websites can lose their functionality when they are broken during ad blocking.

#12 Adguard Content Blocker

This ad blocker won’t work for everyone. It will only work with the Samsung Internet browser or a Yandex browser. It is free and your phone doesn’t need to be rooted to block ads or track sites. People love this ad blocker because you can customize it to meet your needs. There is a wide range of filtration tools, allowing you to control what the ad blocker does and what it doesn’t. If you aren’t very tech savvy and you don’t know what you need, there are default rules for ads and tracking site blocking. This makes this ad blocker a great idea for anyone who meets the browser criteria.

#13 Brave Browser: Private AdBlock

This ad blocker will greatly improve the performance of your phone. Each time an ad is blocked or tracked, you will see an improved in the performance of our device. Users report that this ad blocker has improved the speed and efficiency of their phone. It can also protect your phone from hackers by enforcing HTTPS requests. It can also give you more control over your cookies. This ad blocker lets you block or unblock an adds on web pages with just one tap of the screen. It will also keep all of your personal information in your phone private. If you keep credit card information stored on your device, this is a great app to have.

#14  YuBrowser With Ad Filtration  

This app is more than an advertisement blocker. It is also a web browser for Android that is loaded with features. If you surf the web on your device often, it can optimize your surfing experience. The browser has a powerful web defender, which will keep trackers and hacker from collecting your personal data. It also includes background audio support, a web refiner that will filter ads automatically, and night mode. As long as your device uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, you can use this app. Users report that this web browser is better than Silk and many of the other default web browsers.

#15 AdBlock Plus For Samsung Browser

If you have a Samsung Smartphone or tablet, this is one of the Best Ad Blockers For Android available. To use this ad blocker, you also need to be using the Samsung Internet Web while surfing the net. If you prefer Google or Bing, you would not be able to use this ad blocker. Not only will this app make surfing the net easier, it will block all types of ad and tracking systems that can reduce your battery life and your bandwidth data. Your Samsung device doesn’t need to be rooted to use this ad blocker and it will still work without any glitches. This ad blocker will give you complete control over the advertisements that you choose to block and those that you don’t. This is the most popular adblocker among Samsung device users.

Final Words

Ads on websites and apps can be very frustrating. Whether they are intrusive video and image ads, popups, or banner ads, it can slow down the productivity on your Smartphone or tablet. These types of ads can make your phone vulnerable to phishing, tracking, and the collection of any personal information that is stored on your device. Each of the ad blockers listed above works great and they are targeted for people with specific needs. Some are targeted for select devices. If you want to use your Smartphone or tablet without ads while improving your bandwidth and your battery life, you should try one of the best android ad blockers listed above. Best Ad Blockers For Android will protect you and your device.

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