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15 Best EBook Reader Apps for Android

Best EBook Reader Apps

Are looking forward to Best EBook Reader Apps for your Android Phone? Check out this list of best eBook reader app for your Android, iPhone or iPad.

Traditional publishers would have you believe that reading is a pastime, not enjoyed by many in this modern digital era. That simply isn’t true, it’s not a matter of if people read, but how they do it. Gone are the heavy, space-consuming paperbacks and in its place is the modern sleek hand held device. Be it a tablet or a smartphone, the way people consume information has changed for good and digital media is catching up quickly. Here are some of the best eBook reader apps you can download to stay in touch and in tune with the modern world.

Best EBook Reader Apps For Android Free Download 2018

  1. Aldiko Book Reader
With an average user rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on both the Google Play Store and Cnet.com, Aldiko Book Reader is perhaps one of the best eBook readers available for Android. The app is free and gives users access to thousands of new and classic titles. Not only can users download their own collection, they have the option to search and borrow from hundreds of libraries from around the world. Aldiko touts itself as being a “central place for you to discover, read and organize eBooks.”
Many users commented that the interface is fairly easy to use. After downloading the app, the interface is appealing and well-designed. Users are given the option to view their current library on a virtual bookshelf or in list format. Browsing and shopping for new books is as easy as strolling through a book store. The entire reading experience can be customized to readers’ preferences. I was able to change font size, color, margins and book mark important sections. There was also a strong social aspect to this app, as I was able to share passages with friends on social media.
While all these features are pretty common on a number of best eBook reader apps, the borrow feature is the most fun. Users can borrow from libraries around the world such as, San Francisco and New York Public Libraries within the app. Never worry about late fees when returning a book, because everything can be done with the app. Did I mention this app is free?
  1. Bookari eBook reader

One of the best eBook reader apps to help anyone who loves to keep their collections organized. Bookari features the ability to edit all of your book’s information such as author, title, and publisher and organize them into collections. The app also has extraordinary sync functions which allow users to keep the organization across all of your synced devices. With the Bookari cloud website, purchasing titles is as easy as drag and drop feature.
One favorite feature was the website capture. This feature allowed me to send interesting articles straight to the Bookari cloud to read later when I had time. This app is amazing to use if you purchase books from various online retailers. As a book lover, I’m guilty of this sin and usually mix up where and when I can read certain titles. With the Bookari app, I found a seamless connection between all my devices and my library. It made finding some of my favorite titles much easier to find. I also found books that I had forgotten I had purchased. This app gave me the chance to have my entire collection at my fingertips.
Bookari also has one of the best annotation features. Users are able to highlight, underline, and display notes side beside important sections of text for easy use. You can even organize and export those notes to your bookshelf as a “revision sheet.”
While the bulk of Bookari’s features are free when the app is downloaded, certain features are only available with a paid plan. And though the price tag isn’t that expensive, still $4.99 is one of the most costly apps on this list.
  1. Cool Reader

Cool Readers has been around for a while. The app launched in late 2013, and has been very popular ever since. While similar to eBook readers such as Aldiko and FB Reader, Cool Reader differs in size. The app is only 6 mb and can still deliver a punch. Users have the ability to open almost any text document. The app also allows you to access online material such as The Gutenberg Project and The Internet Archive.
One of the best features is user’s ability to customize and change the apps interface. Readers are allowed to customize text, margins, and page style. Cool Reader does not have a synchronization feature, which seems dated considering many other eBook readers offer this feature. This meant I found it difficult to switch from my phone to tablet and still keep my place in the book I was reading. The read out aloud function works perfectly and allows for a hands free experience, while reading one’s favorite book.
  1. EBookDroid

This app is considered more of a document reader than a traditional eBook reader, but still has the capability to read various file formats. EBookDroid shares some of the same features as many other eBook readers such text selection, external dictionary support and annotations. All of these features aren’t very useful when it comes to novels; users with textbooks would find these handy.
After downloading, I found the formatting options easy to navigate. Everything with this app is dedicated to creating the most comfortable reading experience for its users. For example, when a user customizes a reading sample, this customization is for that selection. Users can customize various documents and books to their preferences on a book-by-book basis. Not too bad for a free app.
  1. Moon + Reader

This is an app that is gaining in popularity. The design of this app is elegant and simple. Readers can access thousands of free eBooks as well as online libraries through the app. One of the best features about Moon + Reader is its ability to be completely customized. Users can take advantage of options such as “day & night” mode and “keep your eye health” in addition to 24 other customizable operations.
Though the app allows many functions to be customized, there is still a lot left to be desired from this app. In particular, users aren’t able to organize their bookshelves as easily as they would other apps, such as Bookari. Another setback for this app, many of the cooler features the app offers come only with the pro version which costs $4.99. For the occasional user the basic functions of the app would satisfy, but if a user wants to access speech-to-text, they’re forced to pay. Considering other apps on this list offer that feature and are free, the developers of this app might want to consider an update.
  1. FB Reader

One of the most popular reader options, FB reader offers a variety of features all for free. Not only does the app support a variety of formats, it offers users a number of customizable options. Users can customize everything from screen brightness and external texts, to backgrounds. Library synchronization is also offered, which is a must for those of us who buy and read texts from various sources. FB Reader is also one of the few apps that support Amazon Kindle books. This is helpful for users who are used to mainly using Kindle as their main eBook reader.
The app even has a built in internet browser so searching for new titles is easy and manageable. FB reader app is small comparatively and doesn’t take up a lot of space on your devices. The app is very user friendly, however, the initial interface design can be lacking. Even with customizable features, often users find themselves prompted to upgrade to the premium version in order to spruce up the home page. Another pitfall for this app no bookshelves design for free version users. This can be tricky if you want to keep all your titles organized. However this can be fixed if a user takes advantage of the cloud feature which enables the library synchronization more efficiently. Overall this app is great to use especially for the price tag of nothing.
  1. Universal Book Reader
Created by Mobi Systems, Universal Book Reader app is perhaps one of the most stylish and user friendly eBook reader apps available. The app gives users an authentic reading experience, providing lifelike page turns. After downloading the app, users can customize fonts, highlights, bookmarks, and notations. Organization is simple as well. I found the bookcase view to be one of the most helpful features on this app. With this feature users are able to add new collections and create customized thumbnails. This gives you the ability to organize titles and switch between various library views when browsing your collection.
Universal Book Readers also uses an integrated file browser, so you can import books from your device as well as email attachments. You can even password protect certain titles in your library. Never have to worry about downloading one book at a time, as the app also accepts entire folders of eBooks. Unlike FB reader, the free version of this app is ad-free, which made for a very pleasant and uninterrupted reading experience in my opinion. This app is wonderfully easy to use, and with the amount of features it offers it’s hard to believe this app is free.
  1. eReader Prestigio
Another beautifully designed interface, eReader Prestigio is great at a number of things. The bookshelf offered in this app keeps your collection organized and easy to search through. eReader Prestigio also gives users access to eBooks Plaza so you can shop and download thousands of free books online. With the newly added text-to-speech feature, eReader has one of the most reliable text-to-speech components available. Not only can users listen to books, they can create personalized audio book collections and play in-book multimedia content.
The text-to-speech function is one of the easiest features to use with this app. Comparatively speaking text-to-speech on this app is more reliable and hassle-free than other apps on this list. As a user I found the intuitive navigation both flawless and seamless. The interface works very much like a Kindle reader, but much more category specific.
Even though the app is very modern and updated there are a few drawbacks. While many of these apps are compatible with various formats, eReader Prestigio does not yet support PDF files. Another setback for those with children, there is no eBooks library for children. However developers for the app have announced those features should be added shortly in the next update. If you want to find a stylish app that combines many features of Cool Reader with the organization of Bookari this app is for you. And the best part of it all? The app is free.
  1. ALReader

One of the newer eReaders around, ALReader is distinctly designed to read fiction novels. The app offers an array of customization features such as scrolling, alignment and page turning animations. It’s also one of the few apps left that supports all the way down to Android 1.6. This means users with older devices can easily convert those devices to eReaders.
AL Reader doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as many other apps on this list it does offer a number of things. Users can access their local library through the app. There is also an external dictionary, Auto scroll, and 3D page animation. The interface feels modern though not as stylish as some of the other apps recommended on this list. Many of the basic functions such as quotes, bookmarks and text labeling are also available with this app. Library synchronization does not appear to be a feature that is offered at this time, but might in the future.
Overall for a free app, AL Reader is an acceptable app to use, if you’re looking to update an older device, or the bare minimum of an eReader app.
  1. Amazon Kindle

What’s an eReader app list without the granddaddy of all eReader apps? Amazon Kindle is perhaps the oldest iteration of eReader apps and continues to live up to its name to this day. Unlike some of the other apps on this list, Kindle has its own book system in which users buy from the Kindle store.
Though the selection is wide and varied, the inability to access other eBook databases is a little bit dated. Kindle however is easy and efficient to use. You can sync your bookmarks and library. The app features a built-in dictionary and Prime members have the ability to borrow books from the Kindle library. While not as extensive as Aldiko’s access to worldwide libraries, the Kindle library still has thousands of titles available.
Recently Amazon has updated the app, adding a lighter themed feature and changing its logo leaving the “Tree Kid,” silhouette and discarding the Kindle logo. The app also includes a new “one-tap” access feature that floats your current book at the bottom of the screen. This way no matter where you browse within the app, you can easily jump back to your last spot in the book.
  1. Google Play Books

Google Play Books, much like Kindle is connected to its own collection of books that users can choose from. While the selection is not as large as Kindle, the app offers a fairly decent amount of title. This app had a rocky start but with each passing generation is slowly improving. Their collection is growing and the interface is fairly simple and easy to use. Not to mention the hundreds of free titles the app contains.
The app has a very modern, straightforward feel, without awkward distractions or silly frills. Unlike many other apps on this list, Google Play Books offers users very little by way of customization. Google Play Books is a solid eReader app if you’re looking for a no nonsense straightforward eReader.
  1. Skoobe

Skoobe, a German-based startup, initially only ran on iPhone or iPad, but has since expanded to Android. With this expansion Skoobe has offered many more features than it did before. Some of the best features of this eReader are its personal recommendations for users, alerts to new books and collections, the ability to follow your favorite authors and many more. Skoobe also offers everyone’s favorite feature, library synchronization across multiple devices and platforms. You can even read offline when not connected to the internet.
Though Skoobe is still expanding into U.S. markets, the app offers a variety of English titles as well as various German-language ones. The books are easy to sort through and the app allows you to organize your collections quite easily. The only drawback with Skoobe is the price. Skoobe offers a 30-day free trial, but charges about $10.00/month. This membership fee allows users unlimited access to Skoobe’s library.
While the app is far from new, updates indicate the app expanding vastly in the near future.
  1. Scribd

A hot contender on par with Amazon’s Kindle, Scribd offers users unlimited access to over 500,000 titles from a variety of genres. This app is growing in popularity and that’s because the app gives you access to both libraries and periodicals from around the world. The app is highly customizable and also has editorial collections and personalized recommendations based off your personal reading habits.
Scribd offers access to books, audiobooks, magazines, newspapers and an easy way to organize it all. The interface has simple to use design that allows you to navigate your way through an amazing array of various topics and genres. Users find this app both fun and entertaining. You can even store titles offline for future reading. Scribd is quickly becoming one of the best eReaders for digital material anywhere.
Scribd membership can be costly for some. Membership is $8.99/month but does provide unlimited access to such prestigious organizations such as The Associated Press, The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Members also receive 3 books and 1 audiobook each month. If you love having access to periodicals and magazines, Scribd is an excellent eReader app to choose.
  1. Comixology

Let’s not forget our comic book readers out there. Yes digital media has something for you as well. Comixology is a digital comic book platform. It not only allows users to download and read their favorite comics on their mobile devices, it also serves as a social media platform. Users can interact with each other by trading comics, rating comics, and discussing them in forums.
The mobile app allows users to use a Guided View feature which provides optimal comic book reading on smaller screens. There’s also an Unlimited mode, which essentially allows you to “read all you can,” as a subscribed member of the community. The graphics on this app are phenomenal and add another layer to reading comic books on your phone.
  1. Kobo

Kobo is an app gaining popularity in U.S. though it’s already pretty big in places like Canada and France. Much like Amazon’s Kindle, Kobo operates within a closed ecosystem of book titles. Users have access to over five million titles within its library. Though the app supports various formats users also have the option to import their own content.
The app itself offers customizable features such as text size and font style allowing users to create an enjoyable reading experience. It also offers synchronization between devices making it easier to save your place. Annotations, notes, and highlights are also available with this app. As with Amazon’s Kindle it’s free to sign up for the app, and Kobo is offering a limited $5 credit for newcomers.
Reading is fundamental to any society, and in the digital age even more important. With any of these eReader apps, you’ll find yourself enjoying new and old titles everywhere you go. There’s no hassle of lugging heavy books and cumbersome newspapers around when you can keep a virtual library with you at all time. Never feel bored again on the bus, in a car stuck in traffic or simply enjoying a nice day in the park with these best eBook reader apps at your fingertips.

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