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20 Free Music Download Apps for Your Android Phone

Free Music Download Apps

Looking foreword to Download Mp3 music & songs on your Android Phone? Check out this list of best free music download apps for your android mobile.

Music is life. Everyone listens to music whether it be rock n roll to country, or rap to classical. Or you could be someone like me who listens to a little bit of everything. Music affects each individual differently as well because it ties to your emotions. I am sure there are certain songs you listen to when you’re depressed, angry, scared, or even happy, in love, or just in a plain carefree mood.
Companies know how frequently music is used, and that it feels essential to us all. And, unfortunately, like to charge us and they are the ones who make money off of it, not the artists. But I believe music should flow freely to your ears for the pleasure of simply feeling better, or helping to set you free.
Now I use Spotify which is free to a point. You can only skip so far, and you cant choose the exact song you want to hear unless you specifically choose that song. There is no option to repeat or favorite. That is why I pay $10 a month. I love being able to pick and choose the song I want to hear. However, I am hoping to save myself $10 by finding a free music download app for my Android phone, a Kyocera Duraforce.
I have compiled a list of 20 free music download apps for your Android phone. Most of these apps I have learned are a hit or miss depending upon the phone system you have. It may or may not work but that is up to you to decide. Reviews are from the app advertisement through my Android phone to give you a sense of what others are saying about these apps.

Top mp3 downloader apps to Free Music Download Apps for android.

1) FreeMusicFreeMusic

With over ten million songs, this free music download app was first on the list of my search in Google PlayStore. It works without a WIFI connection and has a basic variable search by song, artist or album. This is available as a third party network through SoundCloud. It allows for the creation of multiple favorites lists, and even plays in the background. I know YouTube requires an extra fee for this feature.
As far as reviews go, one person was thrilled that the song kept playing through a text. Spotify does this regardless of whether you pay or not, but it does stop if something else with sound comes through like an alarm. The majority of the top reviews are complaints about not getting the original artist, despite the high rating. This app does offer soundtracks such as those from video games (Skyrim! or Spyro?) and Broadway musicals (ooh, Phantom of the Opera!), along with remixes of these versions. Another highlight to this app is that users are able to find songs from their childhood that are otherwise hard to find.

2)MP3 Music Download UniMP3 Music Download Uni

With unlimited downloads and a powerful search engine, who could go wrong in downloading this free music download app. The app feature itself did not give a lot of information on itself. I don’t know if I trust an app that can’t tell you what it is all about.
Many would say this free music download app is easy to use, and others will even call it the “best music app on Android”. And then there is the complaint of too many ads. Like one user even commented, “free means ads”. I know this can be annoying and make some people impatient (believe me, I know, I have been there. Hence why I pay for Spotify). There are also other comments of finding songs and being able to listen to them, but cannot download them.
As stated above, I believe it depends on the phone you have.

3) Audiomack- Download New MusicAudiomack- Download New Music

This is one I just might download. It is for lovers of hip-hop, r&b, rap, electronica, reggae and mixtapes- which I like hip-hop and rap. It does not offer the other genres and I will get to this more. You can listen offline and it does not drain your data, which works perfect for users who don’t have a data plan. I do. I run it up a lot. It offers access to the newest tracks and albums of upcoming and older artists.
There is also a section on what is considered “trendy”, where you can listen to what other users consider to be the best music out there right now. The features include unlimited playlist creations, an option to pay for no ads, and even Audiosnap. Audiosnap is a feature that allows you to sync a small video or image of your own design to a song. This can then be sent to friends or shared to social media so others can hear your message about the song. Most recently, this app has fixed their connection issues.
In the reviews I noticed quite a few things but one stuck out like a living flower among the dead. When you write a review, if a complaint is voiced- no matter how small- Audiosmack will respond within 24 hours with a solution. When the app does mention it limits its genres, and someone offers a complaint about this, Audiosmack responds with an offer to add more genres if only they received better ratings. I can understand that.
More people will listen to your free music download app if they can reach all genres and all songs. Most of the reviews still ended on a positive note, even with a small complaint, such as “good app for those who don’t have data…” (which I mentioned), and it is a “go to app when needing to go offline…”. Even better for Audiosmack themselves, “no other app can compare…”.
They also allow uploads of more than just mp3 and offer assistance through an email if you have issues figuring this feature out.

4) FrostWire- Torrent DownloaderFrostWire - Torrent Downloader

This free music download app has built in Torrent search. This means that it almost works like Google but for music and other entertainments. When you search something, the torrent searches multiple planes on the internet for you outside of the app. When they have reached what you originally searched for, they bring it back to the FrostWire app for your convenience. You can Download a mp3 music download free using this Apps.
FrostWire doesn’t just download music, though; they also provide movies, apps and ebooks. They also allow you play a song, movie or app before downloading it. Claim to have easy access with a built in music player and a media browser. Its simplify their search results for better understanding. Wifi is needed for downloads only. Sounds like a one stop shop for all your entertainment needs!
They recently made a few changes such as upgrading performance and fixing a few bugs in the system like layouts. They also added a warning for when you are about to drop internet connection. Watch those downloads!
The reviews, like most, were a mix of good and bad. One person tried this app on different Android phones and it never worked for them. Another had small issues with updates changing one or two things. A few others complained about the lack of song availability or there were downloading issues with some of the links. The highlights were the high function, the app was easy to use and it was a great option for the music.

5) Trebel- Free Music DownloadsTrebel- Free Music Downloads

Trebel claims to be the only app that allows downloading offline and playing music without a WIFI connection. (I don’t know about you, but I doubt it. But nice try.) They offer their contact information in the app’s information for whenever issues occur. I am not sure how many people actually read the small bio on the app but I always do. They always have the newest music available and will allow you to sync over any existing music libraries you may have in other apps. This Apps simple mp3 downloader.
I could do this with Spotify because I really don’t want to look up all those songs all over again. They prove to play a variety of music genres from hip-hop- to christian to holiday to indie.
One feature offers to search functions on college and university campuses whether you are a student or live near one. They also allow communication between users for the purpose of recommending songs to each other. You can also make a request for any songs you cannot find or are unavailable to download.
Their small bio claims they are always updating and prefer that an audience of 17 or older only uses their app. Sounds a bit sketchy there…but, luckily, I haven’t had to worry about that for a couple years now.
The reviews were mixed, as I expected. One person claimed that they did not have ads but the app tells you upfront that the app does contain ads. One person was upset because the app requested her Facebook information, others say it drains the battery fast. The majority of complaints was that requests had to be made for their songs and yet they still loved the app well enough to give it 3+ stars. It does work in the background of other apps. Another stated it might want to stay among the younger generation.

6)Hungama Music – Songs & VideosHungama Music - Songs & Videos

Hungama offers 3.5 million songs that contains every genre including Bollywood, Hindi and other Indian music I have never heard of. Recently added to this free music download app is that it plays videos to some of the available songs. With the use of 5 Hindi and English languages, it matches your mood by whatever songs you pick. If you pick a depressing song, it will continue to play depressing songs. If you choose a song that is upbeat and forces you to dance outside your comfort zone, it will keep playing songs that force you to get up and move.
Hungama also offers a chance to earn points while you listen that can later be redeemed for prizes, tickets, etc. A new feature to this app that I would enjoy is the sleep timer. It allows you to fall asleep listening to your music and after so long, a time you set, it will stop playing.
However, there are offers of subscription fees. These upgrades include downloading offline, no charges to your data plan, and listening ad free.
The reviews are a mix of good and bad. But the company responds within 24 hours to every comment made on the app. And there is no issue that they are not willing to fix. Regardless of bad reviews this is pretty cool. The most complaints were for not finding certain artists, slow loading, and losing music with the update. They did just recently do an update here in August, and apparently these issues were not apparent before this.

7)GooglePlay MusicGoogle play music

The first 50,000 songs on this free music download app are free. You can discover podcasts, and the app will recommend songs to you by genre, mood, artist, etc.
The reviews, again, were a mix. Mostly it was easy to use, had great sound quality, and users were impressed that their issues were being fixed in a prompt manner. Others will tell you it works better on the computer than on their phone. And if you try to use “ok Google”, it will mess up the song you are playing. But on the bright side, that means the app can be voice activated.

8) SoundCloud – Music & AudioSoundCloud - Music & Audio

150 million songs are available on the world’s largest free music download app. Here you can connect with friends and send messages to the artists. Recently added was The Upload which provides fresher music, personalized taste in music, easier filtering for searches. The more the app is used, the better this feature will be for you. There is also a feature known as the Pulse. This allows music makers to upload their own songs to the app and to share it with whomever they want, publicly or privately.
There is a small fee of $4.99 to have no ads, be able to download offline, and half of that price will get divided to the artists that you listen to most. I’d say that’s worth it. This is half the price I pay for Spotify and it helps the artists. Woo!
The reviews were mostly positive such as it has kept the same greatness for the last five years. Another user says it is better than Spotify, and it is all around a well-loved app. They do also offer previews of songs, it has less ads than YouTube and Pandora, and is very polished in how well it truly works. There is a lot of great music that is undiscovered, most users would gladly recommend this app.
The only issues is a few skips through songs, lack of support for Android Auto (use with an Android based system in your vehicle), and slow loading.
It is good to note that it also works with iPhone.

9) Gaana Music: Bollywood Songs & RadioGaana Music Bollywood Songs Radio

This free music download app picks up only Indian music but I feel it is necessary to add with our growing Hindu population in the U.S. Besides, I feel glad that there are apps out there catering to multiple cultures. It is one of my favorite things to learn about different cultures and music is one of the best ways all types of peoples express themselves.
A non-stop radio that provides music from expert and user playlists, this app allows you to share music history with friends. It offers 9 Hindi and English languages to search with and listen to. It provides over 30 million songs that are updated daily. I would enjoy the feature that allows you to rate songs for the ‘Top’ charts.
There is a small fee of $3.99 to make it ad free, sync with other devices, and download offline.
The reviews came out with mostly positive, picking up that most “feel fortunate to have this app…” They provide a 24 hour response to all comments, and it is considered the best app for Indian music. Still working great after two or more years, it is user friendly, offers a wide genre of Indian music, and it gets better with each update. They do offer a feedback option through email for songs that are not found on the app. They also provide the sleep timer option as well as a data saver option.
The minor issues came across are that some songs stop halfway through, multiple notifications asking the user to purchase the PLUS option, and random crashes.
Overall this would be good as a free music download app if you don’t mind ads and can download online only. Oh, and of course, have a desire to listen to Indian music!

10)Radio Player by AudialsRadioplayer - Free UK Radio

Would you like to find your favorite songs by a quick search that goes through 10,000 radio stations? Because when you find your song, this free music download app will allow you to record it for future listening use. All you need is the music player pre-downloaded in your phone to play it later! This app is compatible with both mp3 and AAC (not sure what this is).
It has a clock radio to use the app as an alarm complete with snooze button and a sleep timer. It also provides music from East and West coasts, the Midwest and even Southern time zones. Features include podcasts on everything from news and documentaries to comedy to language courses. This app does support Android Auto, or it works with an Android based system in your car. (I am not sure if mine is or not). It also works with Cloud and has a wireless sync option.
This app has proven to be reliable as it still works after many years of use, and the problems get fixed. The main problem read about through the reviews is a slight lag when switching stations, or a bit of a slow loading of each new station. Users love the ability to record their songs as soon as they hear them and most will recommend this free music download app to their friends. It is often “just what (users) have been looking for…”. Best part is the 24 hour response to any complaints.

11) RockMyRun- Best Workout MusicRockMyRun - Best Workout Music

Bring in the best DJs in the world to improve your workout! Featured in the New York and LA Times, Time Magazine, Rachel Ray and twice on The Today Show, this app provides great variety and offers clean or explicit lyrics at your convenience. This free music download app crafts a playlist designed for you.
RockMyRun reacts to your body through built in BPMs (or beats per minute) as it connects to your workout apps such as Nike, MapMyFitness (I personally use MapMyWalk or MapMyRun), Runkeeper, etc. It creates the playlists through the endless possibilities figured by your mood, gender, genre, etc. It is science approved for motivational worth.
There is a free trial with 100% access. Once the trial ends, access becomes limited. But for a small fee of $4.99 per month, I believe it would be worth it.
Many users claim that it works great, matches their pace and definitely improves their workout. They would recommend it to anyone they meet, and they can even use it for entertainment when stuck in the car. Users were also impressed that it lessens the struggle of finding good songs for their workout because it does the work for you. It is non-compatible with Spotify and Pandora. And recently a bunch of bugs and glitches were fixed so complaints were a lot lessened in the newer reviews.

12) Advanced Download ManagerAdvanced Download Manager

This app is not only for music, but can also be used to download movies, images, and documents. It has a fast downloading process but has a minor navigation issue with getting to the music. Three files can be downloaded at one time, downloading can happen in the background, and interruptions can easily be resumed.
It has a light design with easy management and contains various filter options. There is a quick options menu, and downloads can be sorted by order, size and name. Pause, resume and restart are all options to use. This free music download app is compatible with MP3 and MP4.
The reviews I found were mostly positive, as the 24 hour response to larger complaints was clear. All updates were recently in place, there has been no file corruption. Users are very appreciate of the company taking care of this app fairly well. It has increased in download speed since the most recent update, and the downloading shows both internet speed and real time. Speed seems to be the majority of what has everyone’s attention. Its a top mp3 music download free, simple mp3 downloader.
Ads are easily blocked, it is easy to use, flexible, and apparently better than anything Google has to offer. Users says this app “does what it claims to do”, and makes a huge difference for all its features.
Slight issues are that the app exits or closes out when the phone is locked, and it needs a change in theme.

13) Amazon MusicAmazon Music

Amazon Music is available for free if you have a prime membership or its $10 per month if you don’t. It is only for people living in the United States and is compatible with both Android and IPhones, and Windows and Mac PCs. It offers ten million plus songs including the hottest and newest artists. You can download by album, song or playlist, and even import your music from a previous ITunes account.
The option of a 30 day free trial that allows you to cancel or change your plan at any time. There is also a family plan available. There is an option to pay four months at a time, if you so choose.
A lot of improvements were recently made to fix the bugs and glitches, and this boosted their ratings. This free music download app works great with all of its updates. It offers an increased selection of music with fast downloads that can be listened to as soon as the purchase is made.
There is love for access to newly released albums. Users are finding every song they search for, and claim it is better than both Pandora and IHeart. One user even wrote a poem in their comment as a way of thanking Amazon for their great service.
The few issues I saw were being unable to pause a song, need of a better layout and random cut offs in the middle of the song. One person says it used a lot of memory on their phone but someone else commented against that, saying it is probably just their phone.

14) Saavn Music and RadioSaavn Music & Radio

This app offers international artist selection that involves 30 million songs for English, Hindi and Bollywood listeners, yet again. It allows you to follow the artists to get new releases. There is a chat room available to talk with other users about the songs they listen to in addition to being able to create and share playlists.
Music does get sorted by the mood of songs you choose. This free download music app also offers audio programs and podcasts, and instant notifications when new songs by your favorite artists arrive, ready to download.
The reviews began with a positive note on the E label for songs that contained explicit content. There was 24 hour response to comments, which seems to be common among these Indian apps. They also mentioned in the comments a plan to add Android Auto, as well as improve the search engine within the near future.
The large selection of songs makes this a “favorite audio app…” Users have been using this for years claiming that there is “something for everyone”. It does seem to work best with Samsung phones (go Kyocera!).
They start with the offer of a free on month trial. However, I saw no other information on what price they charge. The only other issue noted was that their free ads included ads about themselves, about Saavn Music and Radio.

15) Wynk Music: MP3 & Hindi songsWynk Music

Do you want to be able to stream and download 20 million plus songs? With Wynk’s massive international music library, you can. This free music download app allows you to choose by artist, genre and mood. They also offer videos of some of the songs you choose to listen to. There is no need for an internet connection or usage of data. They always have an offline mode button. This is Perfect Free Music Download Apps.
Users were impressed that this app continues to improve performance by making the streaming and downloading “swift as air”. All of their songs can be found. It is easy to use and seems to work best with Airtel. Only issue being few country or Christian songs.

16) Palco MP3 Palco MP3

Palco is Brazilian based music with over 100,000 artists who are sharing their passion for song by providing over a million tracks. Users of this free music download app can stream radios, download songs and create playlists. Genres include samba, hip-hop, bossa nova, and electronica.
Their newest update was to add a suggestion page to help improve the app.
The reviews were mostly in Spanish, of which I am a bit rusty, or Portuguese. But most were given on a positive note such as the app is awesome and multiple thumbs up were given. Users were able to find their favorite songs or were able to find some new favorite songs. The overall experience was very satisfactory and perfect for streaming! It is a Free Music Download Apps to find new music.

17) Anghami – Free Unlimited MusicAnghami - Free Unlimited Music

Anghami is an Arabic based radio that targets both people who live in the Middle East and Middle Easterners that live here in the U.S. Compared to GooglePlay, its freedom contains ads and is limited. But it does offer the largest stream for Middle Eastern listeners and allows for personal music libraries. They can find people who share a love for the same music, and keep up to date with their favorite artists. This Apps perfect Free Music Download Apps.
There is the basic option to pay $4.99 pm or $49.99 per year. A student plan option gives 50% off, and a family plan allows for up to six accounts for a total of $7.49 pm.
Reviews included 24 hour responses with plans to improve sound quality, and to add a night mode option. They also provided a support email for any and all issues with the app. It seems the company itself offers fair and precise answers to the way they run the app. For the users that complained of the ads or having to pay, they politely explain that this is how the artists make their money.
There is a lot of gratefulness for a tech support system that does a job well done. While this free music download app can be used on all devices, some users found that their accounts did not do so well. Still users have been using the app for years due the brilliant music selection.
Best of all, for the Middle Eastern listeners here in the U.S. they were glad to have found an app with music that reminded them of home.
I recently found these last few on my Kyocera Duraforce by Samsung. I have not downloaded them…


If you are okay with your music having an 800 pound gorilla for a mascot, try this out! This free music download app specializes in hip-hop mixtapes from your favorite artists and DJs. It is said to be easy to use and fast for downloading. They do provide a warning that downloading may be slow without internet connection in their information section. For what’s new with this app, “various bugs have been squashed”. I appreciate companies that don’t mind throwing in a bit of humor.

You should also checkout: Best Free Apps for Kids

The reviews as usual come and go. Apparently there is a daily limit to how many songs you can download. And a lot of these reviews simply prove that people do not read the bio about making sure to download online. One user, however, did find that placing your phone on airplane mode did help with a lot of the downloading issues. There is a large amount of content and the ease of use makes this free music download app “well worth it”.
One user even defended the app saying that it might not be perfect, but it was good enough for being free. Another user who has had the app for a year said she has trouble once. Another user has been using the app for two years and has very little issues with it. It is claimed to be better than YouTube, and music will continue to play in the background even if you open up a game. Just be sure to turn the game’s volume down.

19) YouTube MusicYouTube Music

This is probably the most popular one that most people have identified with outside of searching for free music download apps. Every video, whether its an official music video, a cover, a concert or live footage, starts a non-stop listening station. This means that you don’t have to keep choosing a new song to listen to once the average three to five minute video is over. They offer a variety of music, everything from classics you may have forgotten to the new ones you have yet to discover. My recommended best Free Music Download Apps.
The do offer YouTube Red for a small fee. It does start with one month free and offers no ads, playing in the background, and playing offline.
The only review I saw for someone who specifically claimed to have Red was that it also works off grid. Other reviews are that the videos start playing where you leave off. My personal favorite is describing YouTube as the freedom of music! Users are excited that they can find songs they may have forgotten over the years, and the classics of their parents’ time. Others are just excited to be able to learn new songs. Overall, a very useful app.

20) GoMusic – Free Music, Equalizer, ThemesGO Music

I think I have saved the best free music download app for last. With over 35 million downloads available, this app was rated the Best of 2017. In their bio, they offer a list of the phones that are provided with the best support. It’s a gracious, fair warning. This app is able to connect with YouTube and SoundCloud (both mentioned above).
They claim to have the best acoustics, great visualizations, and the ability to share with all (which the reviews do back these claims). GoMusic provide an alarm system, a color theme to choose from, and bluetooth control when on the road. They support music systems of AAC, MP3 and more. Their biggest feature seems to be the powerful equalizer, with options of classical, dance, folk, rock, jazz, and much more.
The main complaint with this app is minor issues with downloading, but the 24 hour response has commented on all of these.
Users say this is the best app they ever tried. They are very appreciated of the clean layout, professional quality, and ease of use. Some like the connection to YouTube while others say it is better than SoundCloud, or GooglePlay, or even Spotify. There is no need for data use while listening and has a great variety of music, which helps when you can find all your favorites.
Thank you for reading my top 20 Free Music Download Apps for Your Android Phone.

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