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Google Adds New Security Mechanism To Chrome

To counteract the spread of browser malware which was reported recently, google adds the new security mechanism in chrome to make it easier for users to prevent and recover from malware software.
Beside this good intention there is one aspect of implementation creeps me out. The mechanism which protect us from this malware attack allows google to scan precisely which browser extension we download and use{means google can collect your data}. 
This security mechanism comes only a week after reports broken out about a ad blocker extension on chrome store which hijack the chrome browser. More interestingly this browser extension had been downloaded 37000+ times and there is chance that more than 50 extensions have been infected by this malware.
The new security mechanism comes with a new features that makes more difficult for an extension to make changes to your browser settings. To stop such apps tampering chrome’s setup, the mechanism will actively monitor the extension and it will revert any changes to your browser by an extension without your consent.
The second security addition builds on the chrome cleanup feature. Which makes it easier to remove bundle software from third-party extension installed on your device without your knowledge.
In away the new security mechanism which brings new security features and satisfy the user in terms of functionality and features.

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