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Differences Between Google Earth Vs ArcGIS – Which one is better?

Differences Between Google Earth Vs ArcGIS - Which one is better

What is Google Earth

Google Earth provides the users with a 3D image of Earth based on satellite images. Google Earth can be said as a 3D map of the world which has been created by collecting images via satellites, aerial photography and GIS data. It allows users to view cities, landscapes, monuments and pretty much everything on Earth from many different angles.
What is ArcGIS
ArcGIS, on the other hand is more of a geographic information system. GIS is designed to help people work with maps and geographic information. ArcGIS is used for creating maps, accumulating geographic data, analyzing mapped information, discovering geographic information and utilization of maps for various applications. It is also used to manage geographic information in a database.

Differences Between Google Earth Vs ArcGIS – Which one is better?

Google Earth is mostly used by civilians or ordinary persons for exploring the globe by just entering the coordinates or names of the places they want to see. Google Earth can be downloaded as an app on devices such as PC, smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. It also allows users to add their data into the program by using Keyhole Markup Language which they can upload through different sources like forums or blogs. ArcGIS system is used mainly to provide an infrastructure for maps creation and to make geographic information available to an organisation, community or openly, to the web.
ArcGIS is used most by organisations, communities, government bodies and corporate sectors. Which require the use of maps and geographic information for their functioning or service providing. For instance, Walgreens utilises the ArcGIS to keep a tab on local drugstores chains to map the spreading of any flu.

Google Earth Vs ArcGIS

Google Earth provides a range of tools through its desktop application in addition to navigation only. You can find globes of Moon and Mars too on Google Earth as well as the real view of a night sky. Google Earth comes embedded with a flight simulator game and 360-degree panorama imageries of some famous landmarks. Google Earth’s web version comes included with Voyager feature which periodically provides in-program tours often hosted by scientists and historians.
ArcGIS is more corporate centered comes with the following in its Windows desktop software. It allows users to see or ask for maps created using the ArcGIS products. ArcGIS for Desktop which comes with the following three functionality levels. It permits the users to view 3-D data, perform primary three-dimensional analysis and create layered maps. In addition to all the features and functions of ArcView, ArcEditor provides more advanced tools for exploiting shapefiles and geodatabases. It is the most advanced version of the ArcGIS which provides the users with the ability for all kinds of data manipulation, editing, and analysis.
It is pretty clear from the above analysis that while Google Earth is more focused to provide geographic information services to ordinary people.While, ArcGIS has more focus on corporate sector and organisations on the other hand. Google Earth is used by more people when it comes to globe exploration using online tools. But ArcGIS provides the users with more tools and features for customization and manipulation of maps according to their commercial requirements.

Last Words on Differences Between Google Earth Vs ArcGIS – Which one is better?

Well, It is pretty much sure that Google Earth is better if you are an user. It is free and has several feature for all users. While ArcGIS provide these information to Corporate sectors, Companies and other Organisations. You can also share your thought with use in comment section below. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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