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Our Top 10 Mobile Ad Tech Posts from 2016: Part Two

What Fishing can teach us about App Monetization
We’re taking a look back at some of our thought- and industry-leading content within the mobile ad tech space. This is the second post in a two-part series where we highlight some of our most insightful content from 2016. Browse through our curated ad tech reading list and check out the first 5 here.

What Fishing Can Teach Us About App Monetization

What are the similarities between fishing—yes, we mean with a rod, boat, bucket hat, the whole nine yards—and app monetization? Our Sr Director of Product, Kirill Tiufanov, dives deep into the analogy and explains how easy it can be to boost your app’s monetization capabilities with the right ad mediation solution.

What Makes Mobile Native Ads Work: It’s About More Than Design

Mobile users have been complaining about the intrusiveness of mobile ads almost since they first started appearing, which is what led the drive towards native ads. Our VP of Media Operations and Head of Ampiri, Robert Wildner, approaches the tricky, developing space of programmatic mobile native advertising and talks about how to create effective native ads.

How Brands Should Measure Ad Engagement Levels

App marketing used to be all about scale, however, things are shifting as app users are choosing to use fewer apps more regularly. With more than 3 million apps across app stores, attitudes are evolving to favor quality over quantity. Consumers are demanding better app experiences and they, likewise, expect advertising to be a better experience as well. Our Chief Product Officer, Freddy Friedman explains how brands should measure their ad engagement levels to meet this new demand.

How Persona-Based Mobile Game Development and Marketing Drives Success

Gaming remains one of the most lucrative ways to make money in mobile. And while the allure of a mainstream hit like Candy Crush or Pokemon Go is tempting, developers should be pragmatic when it comes to developing an app that is going to offer a desirable return on investment (ROI). Narrowing the focus to a specific target audience is the key. One of our mobile ad tech experts, Daniel Song, explains how to leverage persona-based mobile game development and marketing./p>

Caching Application Data: Choosing the Right Approach for Glispa

This was the second installment in our Tech at Heart series, where we look at topics surrounding our operational and advertising technology at Glispa. In this piece, we look at our decision process as we explored different caching approaches in order to meet the performance requirements we set at Glispa. We break down the 3 caching approaches we considered as a company.

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